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The Most Embarrassing Lawn Care Video

We all make mistakes. I made an epic mistake, and rather than pretend it didn't happen I'm going to show you guys what I did wrong and how I'm going to fix it!

Turfgrass Disease Identification - TurfFiles


Patient performs DIY surgery on himself after hospital cancels his operation

A patient who was left in so much pain when the operation he was due to receive was twice cancelled, that he performed DIY surgery on himself instead. Engineer Graham Smith - who has no surgical

Over 100 of the BEST Freezer Meals!

The Best Freezer Meals including breakfast, fantastic slow cooker dinners, cheap meals, and make ahead snacks...we have you covered!

/TODO - A to-do list for your Slack team - Zlapps

Fun and useful apps for your Slack team. Manage your To-Do lists inside your Slack chat wihout leaving your application.

How to Read a Guaranteed Analysis Label - GreenView

A fertilizer guaranteed analysis label will indicate the amount of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (N-P-K) contained in the fertilizer.

Purslane and It's Imposter

I love wild edibles! They are so nutrient-dense and rich in minerals.  You don't need to eat large quantities to get great results. One of my favorites is purslane. Not only does it have a delicious...

Install APC/APCu on a WHM/cPanel server the easy way and boost your site's performance! - JoomlaWorks

If you run a popular Joomla (or WordPress, Drupalor or any other PHP based CMS) website on either a dedicated server or VPS running WHM/cPanel, chance...