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EU: Cyber Criminals Offer Services to Militant Groups

Cyber criminals now offer their services to militant groups. This provides such organizations the method to attack Europe through the internet. However they have yet to utilize this form in any major attack, according to

Mysterious udumbara flower - which only blooms once in 3,000 years - spotted worldwide

The udumbara flower must be one of the rarest flowers on the planet and it is certainly one of the most mysterious... According to Buddhist scripture, it blossoms only once every 3000 years and when it

The Most Embarrassing Lawn Care Video

We all make mistakes. I made an epic mistake, and rather than pretend it didn't happen I'm going to show you guys what I did wrong and how I'm going to fix it!

Turfgrass Disease Identification - TurfFiles


US Off Target with Emissions Goal

The US will most likely miss the targeted emissions output within the guidelines of the Paris Climate Agreement last year. Jeffrey Greenblatt of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory said. "We will likely fall short without

A Pen, an Apple, a Pineapple. . . And a Song that You Can’t get Rid Off in your Head

A growing number of viewers billed a video circulating the net and gone viral, as the next YouTube sensation. After viewing the video, it will surely make no sense to you. . . and yet

Cooler Heads Prevail Amid Rising Tension Between India and Pakistan

Apocalyptic movies usually involves war between two nuclear capable nations. However, this time, the threat of nuclear war looms not from the usual suspects between the US and Russia or from China for that matter,

Singapore Cries Foul Over China Newspaper's Fabricated South China Sea Story

Singapore's Ambassador blamed one of China’s primary state run newspapers of inventing reports regarding Singapore’s stand on South China Sea territorial dispute. However, the newspaper publication shrugged off the accusations and stood firm on i

U.S. Deployment of THAAD Anti-Missile System to South Korea Expedited

The United States, plans to hasten the setting-up of the THAAD anti-missile system to South Korea. A high-ranking US diplomat for the region said the tempo of North Korean missile tests prompted the decision. He

Pope Francis: Those Responsible for Bombing Aleppo ‘Must Answer to God’

VATICAN – Pope Francis at a public speaking engagement in St. Peter’s Square has denounced the bombing of Aleppo in Syria. He pointed out that those responsible for killing civilians will have to answer to God.

Obama’s Last Legacy; Nominates First Cuban Ambassador in 50 years

President Obama nominated the first US Ambassador to Cuba in more than 5 decades on Tuesday. Disregarding adversaries, he reached out to President Raul Castro with the goal of reuniting the two countries. Obama selected Jeffrey