Hey Everyone

This support forum is for people to come and ask questions about our many websites. Most of the time questions have been asked before, and other members love to help each other, so having a forum is a quick and easy way to get help on basic problems.

We ask that if your problem is billing related or account specific, please email us support@timtechllc.com

Have a great day!

The TimTech Team

/u/jerryiannucci 3 weeks ago

I know you just launched but I hope this is a good place for some constructive feedback.

  1. Does seeing the /t/ and /u/ everywhere serve a purpose? They are kinda ugly.
  2. A "Login with your Facebook or Google account" would give you mad social media street cred.
  3. I miss the old Sitizens "bookmarklet" for adding sites. Any chance that will make a come back?

/u/tim 3 weeks ago

  1. It's helpful so you can tag topics or users in posts, like this /u/jerryiannucci
  2. Yeah that would be good
  3. That still exists just not updated yet ;-)

/u/jon 3 weeks ago

Shared this with Tim /u/jerryiannucci loved the ideas!

/u/charmedpixie 3 weeks ago

Thank you for providing this! I know this will be quite helpful to us! :)

/u/jon 3 weeks ago

Yup, and this is coded by us...No more relying on third party systems if they go bottoms up lol

/u/charmedpixie 3 weeks ago

That's even better! LOL

/u/lilybaby 2 days ago

All ok great

/u/cfsmithjr 3 weeks ago

Hello, I have the vault and key today. The key is not showing up.

/u/garycalvertii 3 weeks ago

Not sure I'll ever need this, but it's awesome to know it's there. :)